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Last Site Update: 01/17/2020

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Overhaul My Novel, LLC 

(760) 333-0976

22015 W. 66th Street


Shawnee, KS. 66286


Sophie Kaiser

Sophie has been a writer, reader, and editor all her life. There’s nothing she loves more than escaping into a fantastic story, whether it’s a fantasy crammed with magical spells and creatures, a sci-fi epic full of spaceships and strange planets, or a historical adventure through fascinating times and places. She’d love to read your novel and give you a fresh take and some honest, thoughtful feedback, before you venture into the wider world of querying and publishing. She has a background in both English literature and history, so she can give feedback on grammar and usage, character arc and development, or fact-checking (if you feel your novel might need a boost in the authenticity department). Whatever your needs might be, she can promise clear communication, empathetic feedback, and plenty of enthusiasm for the privilege of being one of the first readers of the story you’ve worked so hard to create.