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     Overhaul My Novel provides coaching services, manuscript critiques, and editing at every stage of the writing process. The Beta Program is run by volunteers and is 100% free of charge.

     Before making anything official, Meg offers a free sample edit of up to .5% of your project (about 500 words of an average novel). The sample edit serves to help author and editor discern if they are a good fit for each other. Email editor@overhaulmynovel.com for more information, or request a quote via the form below.


     Meg Trast, Editor in Chief, specializes in genre fiction - specifically science fiction and fantasy (and every cross-genre fiction in between). Click here to learn more about Meg.

Selecting a Service

     Uncertain what step you're on or what help you may need? Check out this guide, or email editor@overhaulmynovel.com.

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Not sure what type of editing your manuscript needs? Check out this guide! Your editing needs may vary based on what stage of writing you are at, and how heavy of an edit your manuscript needs. Additionally, the editor may suggest beta reads or critiques before moving to the editing process.

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