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Miranda Flores-Ross

Miranda is a single mother of three, and she loves cats. She has been a beta for three manuscripts and is currently working on writing a review for a book (recently published). She has personally finished one manuscript and is currently working on more WIPs than she cares to count. She first fell in love with literature in middle school, when she picked up Megan Whalen Turner’s THE THIEF. It changed her life. The character development and emotions hit her like a brick. To this day, she still carries around a worn out copy of it that she bought over ten years ago. It reminds her constantly of the need for the written word. Miranda says, "Regardless of genre, length, or plot, it is possible for a single book to alter someone’s destiny." Her go-to genre is fantasy fiction, but she will honestly read anything other than horror (she is a very visual thinker). She also really likes mysteries. "If the characters are interesting, and the emotions are pure, I’ll read just about anything. "

She hopes you have a lovely day, and she looks forward to reading your manuscripts!


"Thank you, and have a magical day!"