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Michelle Toale-Burke

Michelle loves books. She has loved books as far back as she can remember. She recalls, as a young girl, going with her best friend to the library on Saturdays and hanging out there for hours. When she was in high school, she would stay up late into the night, just to finish a good book. There was no way she could wait until the next day to find out how it all ended! Now, when she has a free day, there is nothing she likes better than to spend the afternoon at a book store, looking for her next read. She enjoys her work as a librarian and feels lucky to spend her days surrounded by books and book-lovers. The only downside to working in a library is not being able to disappear into a corner and read! She has been writing off and on for many years. She began her career in business, until she met her husband and had a family. She stayed home with their two beautiful kids during the day and continued her education in the evenings. She eventually graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and began work on her Masters, while working various jobs along the way. Then, life happened, and two of her brothers became terminally ill. She took a leave of absence from the Master's program to help her brothers and parents through ten years of ups and downs. She was blessed to care for her aging parents, until they both passed within minutes of each other in February of 2018. She misses them, dearly.

She is beginning a new life, and she can't wait to be of service to all of you wonderful authors out there!