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In the coming weeks, Meg Trast of Overhaul My Novel and C. D. Tavenor of Two Doctors Media Collaborative will be performing a series of on-video edits culminating in a live event. We’re teaming up with D. C. Wright-Hammer over at Writer’s Row to bring you a comprehensive look into the editing process. We'll be selecting several entries to read, critique, and edit on video. The project includes an opportunity for authors to receive free sample edits, as well as one lucky entrant who will be awarded a free, dual manuscript evaluation. See entry rules below, and good luck!

Entry Rules

  • All entries must be submitted by Monday, 5/01/2020 via this form.

  • Entries should be between 250-500 words in length.

  • By entering, you give permission for your work to be publicly edited and critiqued.

  • Multiple entries from different projects are permitted; multiple entries from the same project will not be considered.

  • FREE, FULL-MANUSCRIPT EVALUATION: you must opt-in to be considered for a full, free manuscript evaluation.

Winners will be selected, not drawn.

Reach Out

Meg Trast

e: editor@overhaulmynovel.com

p: (760) 333-0976



Mailing Address

To: Meg Trast, Overhaul My Novel LLC

22015 W. 66th Street #860634

Shawnee, KS. 66286

I look forward to hearing from you!

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