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Meet the Beta Readers

These fantastic folks have volunteered their time and minds to help improve your manuscript before you ship it off for editing! Please be sure to thank your Beta Reader, as they perform this service for free out of their love of books and stories.

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Amy Kiyoko

Amy is a writer, editor, reader, gamer, cosplayer, and proudly loves animals (more than humans). She has worked in the media industry for over fifteen years and has loved every second of it. You can most likely find her arguing with bugs in her garden or taking her pups to the beach. She would love to be writing, but her cat is sleeping on her laptop.

Michelle Toale-Burke

Michelle loves books. She has loved books as far back as she can remember. She recalls, as a young girl, going to the library with her best friend on Saturdays and hanging out there for hours. When she was in high school, she would stay up late into the night, just to finish a good book. There was no way she could wait until the next day to find out how it all ended! Now, when she has a free day, there is nothing she likes better than to spend the afternoon at a book store, looking for … (read more -->)

Nicole Powell


Nicole reads to escape to fantastical worlds, away from her own reality. Around age seven, she began reading THE BOXCAR CHILDREN and hasn’t stopped reading since! When she isn’t snuggled up with a book, you can find her walking her two dogs with her two beautiful daughters.

Natalie Gasper

Natalie graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s in Creative Writing, and she works for The Nasiona as an interviewer and reader of creative nonfiction and poetry. She has poems published in The Write Launch, The Hickory Stump, and The Remembered Arts Journal, among others. As for books, she is currently working on a fantasy series. She is an avid reader and lover of books, especially those in the fantasy genre. Some of her favorites include … (read more -->)

Linn Ahlberg

Growing up, Linn always wanted to be an elven princess who slays dragons and breaks curses. Now that she’s ‘grown up,’ that particular dream has been put on hold, and Linn has turned to hoarding books and writing her own adventures instead. She’s obsessed with fairytales and mythology, and, when she’s not busy reading, or writing her YA epic fantasy series, you can find her fangirling over velociraptors, spaceships, ballet, Bioware games, and her fictional husband, Aragorn.

Rita Davie

Rita is a child of the eighties; born into a family with books piled on every spare surface. She believes no Saturday afternoon or bubble bath is complete without a good novel, and always carves out the time to read before bed. She’s a writer, a lawyer, a traveler, and an unapologetic Taurean. You can usually find her curled up in a comfortable chair, with a drink in one hand and a book in the other, unless someone’s forcing her to do something less pleasant. (read more -->)

Dee Carter

Dee Carter is a 20 something writer from Mobile, Alabama. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from the University of Mobile. She served as Editor in Chief of the Southwest Alabama Community of The Odyssey in 2017. She is also an accomplished fanfiction writer, having written in the Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, and Once Upon a Time verse for nearly eight years. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, reading, spending time with family ... (read more -->)

Rachel Green

Rachel graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design with a degree in animation and a minor creative writing. She interned at Cartoon Network in college and served as a software and writing tutor for students. She loves storytelling and escaping to new worlds, whether written or visual! Ghosts and aliens are her favorite subjects. She is currently a graphic designer full-time and is looking to break into the animation industry as a storyboard artist. When she's not drawing, she likes to write her own stories and play video games. 

Laura Buckley

New Reader!

Laura has loved reading all her life, reading in any and all free time for as long as she can remember. She used to read on the walk to and from school, leading to some narrow misses when crossing the road, and to this day she falls asleep most easily with a bedside light on and a book in her hands. She loves stories in almost all genres, aimed at most age ranges, and she believes in reading thoughtfully and critically. When she isn’t reading, Laura can often be found in the gym, preparing for challenges like Tough Mudder, which she takes part in regularly.

Christy Box

New Reader!

Christy graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in anthropology. She is an avid reader with a particular passion for thriller, suspense, horror, and mystery books (or any story that can surprise her). Christy is currently a staff writer for Screen Rant, Ranker, and Factinate, where she covers entertainment and history topics. She has also served as an editor on three United Nations projects, proofreading content written by non-native English speakers. She has spent the past decade writing fiction in novels, screenplays, and … (read more -->)

Ilse Mul

New Reader!

Ilse is an avid fantasy reader from the Netherlands who currently works as an interior cleaner after having worked as a Traffic Engineer for a little over a decade. She decided to chase her dreams and is now writing an epic high
fantasy series set in the world of Tergaenae. Besides her work and writing, she loves meeting up with writing friends and Peakers from all around the world, going to the movies, going for a stroll in the park and long walks outside. When she's not doing any of the above … (read more -->)

Gloria Bottelman

Gloria is a nurse, and mom, who always manages to squeeze in the time necessary for reading and writing. She enjoys a wide variety of genres and is currently working on preventing her overloaded bookshelf from toppling over. A great beta reader is worth their weight in gold, in that they provide the perfect mixture of praise and constructive criticism, and she hopes to contribute both to some wonderful manuscripts! 

Miranda Flores-Ross

Miranda is a single mother of three, and she loves cats. She has been a beta for three manuscripts and is currently working on writing a review for a book (recently published). She has personally finished one manuscript and is currently working on more WIPs than she cares to count! She first fell in love with literature in middle school, when she picked up Megan Whalen Turner's THE THIEF. It changed her life. The character development and emotions hit her like a brick. To this day, she still carries(read more-->)

Leonni Lark

Leonni is a scientist who lives in the UK and writes young adult fiction in her free time, mostly on trains. When Leonni was 4 years old, she wanted to know what the funny lines in books were. Since then, she has been an avid reader, never leaving the house without a book or her kindle. Leonni’s favorite genres are fantasy, science fiction, and thrillers. However, she loves to read widely, and she particularly enjoys genre crossovers. Keen to connect with and support other authors … (read more -->)

Avril Marie Aalund

Avril is an author of Historical Fiction and Romance, set in Regency-Era England, who began working on her first novel at fourteen years old. Almost nine years later, she now has a Bachelor’s in English and Communications and several completed, not yet published, manuscripts to her name.

Avril also launched a blog in December 2018, through which she shares writing advice and music, the latter being inspired by her time as host of a radio program in college. As Avril is in … (read more -->)

Erin Robinson

Erin is proud to say that she will read just about anything, so long as it contains words! Though, she has also been known to scroll through wordless pages of Graphic Novels ,should the mood strike. Speculative fiction is one of the biggest genres she reads, but she is also partial to a good romance. Her personal library contains a wide variety of weird and wonderful novels and poems from around the world. At University ,she specialized in Victorian and Neo-Victorian literature, so … (read more -->)

Arwyn Sherman

Arwyn Sherman began their reading journey at the age of three when, utterly consumed by jealousy that their sister could read and they could not, screamed in front of a copy of Go Dog Go. They have since honed their reading ability, studying literature and writing in undergraduate and going on to run writing workshops as a teaching artist after graduation. During this time, Arwyn competed at the National Poetry Slam, representing Portland, ME three times, consecutively, before … (read more -->)

Aaron Thiel

Aaron Thiel was born and raised around Lansing, Michigan. They started writing stories at an early age, even though their first attempts at writing were little more than jumbled masses of letters interspersed with pictures of dinosaurs. As they grew and began exploring the world, their writing developed from lesser retellings of greater tales into unique works told by their own voice. Starting in their late teens, Aaron began drafting a story which they hope will be their first … (read more -->)

Wes Schulte

Wes is currently working on a contemporary queer YA romance novel. Originally from The Netherlands, he is now settled in the UK and has a first class bachelor's degree in English. He occasionally reads domestic thrillers, but his favorites are still YA books. He is well-informed in the field of gender and sexuality, and is interested in identity formation, especially in teenagers. His feedback style is honest, energetic, (but above all) motivational, and … (read more-->)

Sophie Kaiser

Sophie has been a writer, reader, and editor all her life. There’s nothing she loves more than escaping into a fantastic story, whether it’s a fantasy crammed with magical spells and creatures, a sci-fi epic full of spaceships and strange planets, or a historical adventure through fascinating times and places. She’d love to read your novel and give you a fresh take and some honest, thoughtful feedback, before you venture into the wider world of querying and publishing. She has a background  … (read more -->)

Marta Mariott

New Reader!

Born in Everett, Washington, Marta’s passion for reading began at a young age. As a child of the 1990s, she grew up with a love for the Amelia Bedelia, Babysitters Club, and Goosebumps series. Since then she will rarely be seen without a book in her hand. During her teen years, she developed a taste for the mad and macabre when she discovered the works of Stephen King and Shirley Jackson. She dabbled in creative writing in high school before she went on to graduate from … (read more -->)

Kandice Rose

New Reader!

Kandice is a writer, avid reader and obsessive nerd. She has more books than can fit on her bookshelf, and stray groups of them reside on tables and counters in every room. Kandice is a fan of swoon-worthy plots and incredible world building, things that hooked her on every piece of early 2000’s fantasy, ever. When she’s not scouring the internet for comic book conspiracy theories, you can find her savagely completing a degree in marketing, while drowning her college sorrows in bucketfuls of tea and books.