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Avril Marie AAlund

Avril is an author of Historical Fiction and Romance, set in Regency-Era England, who began working on her first novel at fourteen years old. Almost nine years later, she now has a Bachelor’s in English and Communications and several completed, not yet published, manuscripts to her name. Avril also launched a blog in December 2018, through which she shares writing advice and music, the latter being inspired by her time as host of a radio program in college. As Avril is in the editing stages of her own novels, she understands the importance of having beta readers who are dedicated to helping writers reach their full potential and help their stories become the best they can be. Although she is ardently passionate about the Regency Era, Avril enjoys reading works set in other time periods and genres. When she isn’t reading or working on her own fiction, you can find her at the local Bingo Hall or snuggling up with her favorite feline.