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Arwyn Sherman

Arwyn Sherman began their reading journey at the age of three when, utterly consumed by jealousy that their sister could read and they could not, screamed in front of a copy of Go Dog Go. They have since honed their reading ability, studying literature and writing in undergraduate and going on to run writing workshops as a teaching artist after graduation. During this time, Arwyn competed at the National Poetry Slam, representing Portland, ME three times, consecutively, before retiring from the public eye and focusing on finishing their full-length novel. Influenced by their poetic background, Arwyn appreciates lyrical and experimental narrative styles in writing. In real life, Arwyn works in emergency communications and can give feedback for realistic police procedure and other emergency responses. They also have a working knowledge of the occult and new age witchcraft, absurd amounts of facts about fairy tales, and a love of herbalism. For young adult fiction, they prefer urban fantasy, but anything with magical realism will get their interest. Arwyn can also be a sensitivity reader of nonbinary, bisexual, and some neurodivergent characters.