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AAron Thiel

Aaron Thiel was born and raised around Lansing, Michigan. They started writing stories at an early age, even though their first attempts at writing were little more than jumbled masses of letters interspersed with pictures of dinosaurs. As they grew and began exploring the world, their writing developed from lesser retellings of greater tales into unique works told by their own voice. Starting in their late teens, Aaron began drafting a story which they hope will be their first novel – a fantasy saga of romance and rebellion in a far-off world of swords and steam.

Though willing to read almost anything in any genre, Aaron has always had a special place for fantasy literature, particularly high fantasy along the lines of J.R.R. Tolkien or T.H. White, however they also love reading fantasies that take common tropes of the genre and turn them on their head. When reading science-fiction, they prefer characters and story to take priority over the inner workings of a ship’s engines or explanations of mathematical theorems. They also like reading non-fiction, specifically biographies, memoirs, and histories, and have a soft spot for LGBT+ literature and cozy romance stories.

Outside of reading and writing, Aaron enjoys spending time outdoors hiking and fishing, making themselves sweat at the gym, and spending quality time with friends, family, and pets. Though a Michigander through and through, they expect to move westward in the near future (though, whether ‘westward’ means the other side of Lake Michigan or the other side of the country remains to be seen).